About Us

B.W.I. Chemicals legacy and expertise makes us the right choice of raw materials for everyday needs. Read more below...

Our legacy in providing best of class raw materials for a vast range of industries goes back 4 generations. B.W.I. Chemicals core foundation is built upon a solid legacy and it continues to expand the business both domestically here in the U.S. and globally around the world. We supply raw materials to build top quality products to major multi-national companies that are used by everyday consumers from all walks of life. Our diversified portfolio of materials cater to industries like pharmaceuticals, beverages, dairy, fragrances, therapy and much more. End of the day, we are a proud team of a family run business to keep legacy that was founded by our forefathers and continue to evolve with the ever changing market needs around essentials oils, natural oils and aroma chemicals.

Since 2007, a U.S. based subsidiary of the legacy, B.W.I. Chemicals, has been a world class supplier of proprietary chemicals for the medical implant manufacturing industries. The chemical industry is currently going through a period of change and adaptation, where mineral oil-derived products are gradually being replaced (or supplemented) by more sustainable alternatives based on plant-derived raw materials.

We are headquartered in NJ, however, we have sales agents in different regions of the globe through which we provide services to our global customer base. All of our raw materials are stored in our facilities in New Jersey with easy access to local ports. BWI Chemicals have been in business for over 2 decades and have fostered deep relationships with regional customer base, freight forwarders and ports around the world. These resources help us ship products to our customers in an efficient manner.